Monday, August 29, 2011

A Slice of Bryce (#10): Four Months!!!

So, I blinked (that's what I get for not listening to Kenny Chesney when he tells me not to), and Bryce woke up one morning and was four months old. How is this happening?!? SLOW DOWN, BUGGABOOSKY!

Given my list of 10 things at 3 months, the pressure's on to write about how much Bryce grew and changed during month 4. Since it's gone by so fast, I don't really have much that sticks out in my mind, but I'll see how many I can come up with on the fly...

1) We'll start with really the only negative change. The last 5 nights, B has woken up and screamed for 15 minutes until I've given in and nursed him. The first couple of nights, he was battling a stuffy nose, so I, optimistically, blamed it on him just not feeling good and needing to be soothed by nursing. But he's feeling much better now, and he's still waking up, though it's moved from midnight the first couple of nights to about 4a the last 3. I'm hoping this is his way of telling me that he's ready for rice cereal and is going through a growth spurt. But I'm worried that he's simply regressing. Time will tell. It's just so difficult playing hard-ball with him, since his vocal cords carry a much stronger punch than his sisters' did (or do, for that matter!). I'm worried he's going to wake the whole house if I don't give in and feed him!

So we've started with rice cereal (another blog post on that coming soon) and hope that he gets the hang of it quickly so we can fill his ever-growing belly enough to get him to sleep comfortably through the night. Again. Like he did at 3 months of age!

But on to the positive...

2) Bryce is trying like crazy to sit up like a big boy. His large belly assists him in this balancing effort, as he looks sort of like a sumo wrestler with his belly touching the floor between his legs. I say use it to your advantage, B-man!

3) I can't get over how much Bryce LOVES his sisters. When they stoop down to talk to him, his face lights up. And the girls can't get enough of B, either. I think this might have made the list last month, too, but it's always worth mentioning. You know, so that someday when they are fighting like cats and dogs, I can say, "See? Read this! You guys used to love each other! What ever happened to those days?!?".

4) Thankfully, B now spends a lot of time sitting upright in his frog jumper. It's a good thing, too, since his 18'ish-pound frame was really starting to weigh down the bouncy seat. He lays pretty much horizontal in it now!

5) B's still not growing any hair - he's as bald as can be! And I'm waiting for a tooth to cut through, as he's slobbering like crazy!

6) I've run out of things to say to document this month, so I'll conclude by saying that B continues to be just the sweetest baby. Unless he's hungry or tired (in which case he makes his feelings well-known), you can pretty much always find a smile on his face. My heart melts.

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Mark Winn said...

So I'm gonna have to see the little guy when you bring the kiddos to Chick-fil-A. He's so cute!