Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Macie and Lewis the Lion (Traveling Class "Pet")

Hi!  Lewis here.  Macie’s mommy told me that I could write our story about today, so that was a fun treat!  Here I am, writing up this journal entry! 

My first stop after Kindergarten was to visit with Macie’s friends in Trinity Neighborhood!  And guess what?!?  We had a FIRE DRILL!!!  Good thing it was only a practice, though – Macie had to leave me on the shelf while she went outside!  

We were only there for about an hour, though, because on Tuesdays, Macie goes to Young Rembrandt’s Art Class with her best-friend-since-she-was-a-baby, Cameron, her sister, Ivie, and Cameron’s sister, Caroline.  The project today was drawing a parrot, which I especially loved.  All 4 girls did a great job.  See? 

After art class, we headed home.   Since it was such a beautiful day outside, Macie took me for a quick ride on her scooter before we had to help make dinner.


Lucky for me, tonight was Taaaaaaco Tuesday!  Macie’s job is to get the shells ready for the oven.  So I helped lay them out very straight.

After dinner, we headed back outside.  First, for another chore:  helping Macie’s daddy mow the grass.  Boy, he sure had let it get too long!  Macie and I had to push REEEEEEALLY hard on that mower.


Then, it was play time again.  Macie wanted to show me the ‘hood, so we jumped on her bike and took a spin around the block.  Ivie and Bryce came along, too, but apparently only one of them wanted to be in the picture with me!


And check out how fast Macie and I were going at the end!  Can you even SEE us?  We were going so fast we were just a blur to Macie’s mommy’s camera.  I must admit, I was pretty glad when that “ride” was over!  I mean, get a good look at Macie’s face.  Does she look like a safe driver to you?  ME NEITHER.

But we didn’t wreck the bike, so we celebrated with a Café Carolina blue cupcake for dessert. 


What a fun afternoon!  We were sad for it to come to an end.  But I can tell you that I, for one, need my beauty rest.  Hope you all get great snuggles tonight, too!

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