Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1994 Dutchgirls Basketball

In March, I took a trip to Missouri, solo, to celebrate the 20th reunion of my high school basketball team's trip to the State Final Four.  While Dale travels for work quite a bit (and, thus, the kids are used to him leaving home for a few days), I very rarely go anywhere without them.  So it was weird for all of us when I left that Friday morning.  Ivie left me a note and drew me pictures of the kiddos with marbles, lest I forget what they look like:

The trip itself was, well, amazing.  Many of my best friends were there with their parents, spouses, and at least 1, if not more, of their kids.  So it felt a bit freeing to not be responsible for any humans younger than me (and my parents could pretty much take care of themselves!).  But I found myself having many moments I wished I could share with Dale and the kids, particularly in my desire to introduce them to my "growing up" friends (many of whom they have never met) and their kids.  Maybe someday we will all be able to get together again.  But, for this one weekend, it was like old times, hanging out with my high school buds. 

What a treasured weekend we had!  Until next time, ladies...

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