Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts (2013)

Easter, 2013 left us with no shortage of Easter egg hunts (and a stockpile of candy on the flip side).  The girls each had a hunt with their classes at school on Thursday, all 3 kiddos enjoyed the Chapel Hill Country Club hunt on Saturday, and then, on Sunday, we connected with the Devers for our annual hunt in our adjoining yards. 

Macie School

Dale and I were both able to go to Macie's school hunt on Thursday morning.  The cold air didn't keep the kids from having a blast running around the playground scooping up eggs! 

Chapel Hill Country Club

Saturday, at noon, we were off to Chapel Hill Country Club.  This was my first experience at this hunt, as I have, over the years, stayed home with the "baby" in the family who wasn't old enough to go for the hunt.  This was our first year when all 3 could do it.  YAY!  I was excited to see the craziness that I had heard so much about...


Finally, Easter Sunday arrived, and it was time for our annual Herman/Dever Egg Hunt.  Since Bryce had been fighting an illness over the weekend, we wanted to make sure he got a solid nap.  So the Easter Bunny waited to come to our house until Bryce was asleep and the 5 girls had left the house to go run some errands.  When we returned, there were eggs everywhere!  The girls had their hunt first, and then we picked out some eggs that Bryce might like and let him "hunt" for them when he woke up.  It was a fun and beautiful afternoon (after a rainy morning).

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