Friday, January 11, 2013

Macie's 4th Birthday Party

We held Macie's 4th birthday party at Pump It Up in September.  I have been "waiting for the right time" to work on the memory book for it, which finally rolled around when I snagged a Groupon for a big discount off the exact sized book I always use for these birthday projects.  It was destiny, and it forced me to move up the project's completion date (or miss allowing the Groupon to expire!).

So, since only one Groupon-type purchase I have ever made has expired (darn that roller skating date night that never materialized!), the wee hours of last night (defined in my world as 8p - 11p) were devoted to creating books.  And I was able to finish both this one and the aforementioned Halloween book.

For now, I am caught up with book-making!  (Provided you don't count the 2 years behind I am with turning Herman Nation into a book, that is.  UGH.  Can you say, "overwhelming project"?)

Today, I will choose to bask in the enjoyment of another 2 books down.  For your viewing pleasure...

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