Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chompers #6 and #7

I'm a couple of weeks behind in getting this post done on Bryce's latest 2 teeth. Both of his upper lateral incisors came in on the same day (2/22/2012), potentially explaining why he had such a bad night's sleep the night before my parents left town. Or at least that's certainly what I'm telling myself!

In addition to the boring tooth chart below, I'm also going to include some pictures I took of Bryce this morning in his overalls. Why have I had such an aversion to overalls in my 6 years as a mother?!? I've decided I've got to get over my "They're too frustrating to change diapers in" attitude. The cuteness far outweighs the annoyance factor!

1 comment:

Stacy W. said...

Your tooth chart blogs just keep getting better!!!!!
Love the pics!
Bryce you're adorable!