Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

Here we are, Sunday night at 9p, and Dale and I are sitting in our regular locations in the living room. Me on the couch, him on his chair, both of us on our laptops. He'll get up in a few minutes to do the nightly pump parts/bottle washing before bed. I make the milk, he cleans up afterward. Come to think of it, that's pretty much how it works for dinner, too! Quite a partnership we've got going after 7 years...

So while this routine is most certainly NOT a first, we did have quite a few of those this weekend. Some good, some not so good. Painfully bad, actually. Here's a summary:

1) On Friday night, Ivie had her first sleepover at a house where she couldn't just walk across the lawn and be home (as she can at Emerson's). She and her friend, Caroline M., spent the night with their buddy, Caroline K. I haven't talked to the host's mommy yet (not counting the late evening text messages to check in), but word has it that a good time was had by all. And they were asleep by 10p, so the 5-year-olds did NOT pull an all-nighter. They'll save that for the teenage years.

2) Saturday evening, we went to Los Portales for dinner. It's our favorite (probably because it's the closest) Mexican restaurant. The girls love the chips and salsa (who can blame them, it's yummy!), as well as the huge booths they have for seating.

This particular restaurant happens to decorate with cacti. (And I just discovered, thanks to Merriam-Webster online, that the plural of cactus can be "cactus", "cacti", or "cactuses"! How many words have the option of 3 plural forms?!? That does a nerdy girl good.)

But back to the decor. On the back of the particular booth in which we sat Saturday night, there sat a harmless, cute, little cactus. Harmless, that is, until Ivie, who, along with her sister, decided at the end of our meal to stand up in the booth (we try to be good parents and keep them seated, but at some point we discover it's a lost cause and just try to keep them from yelling). And, while standing, she nonchalantly put her arm over the back of the booth, right into the cactus.

It wasn't so cute any more.

It didn't take her long to realize that something had gone horribly amiss. As a painful look came upon her face and I went over to investigate, I saw hundreds of cactus needles in her arm and hand. Thinking at first that she was overreacting (Dale says she gets that from me), I gently touched the cactus myself to see what the fuss was about. I found it to actually be very soft, and the needles seemed to brush right off, so we calmed Ivie down as much as we could and I took her to the bathroom, thinking that I could just wash/wipe them off.

Turns out that wasn't going to work. They were stuck in her arm pretty far, and she wasn't even letting me get near her by the end of my efforts.

So we headed quickly home, with Dale Googling "cactus needle removal" on the way.

Who knew that the best method to remove these things was Elmer's Glue?!? What did we DO before Google?!?

To make an already long story short, the glue method worked. Not without several tears, of course, since the glue not only pulled out the needles, but also all the arm hairs on her entire forearm. But, today, she's cactus-needle free. Pretty sure it won't take too much convincing to get her to stay in her seat in those booths in the future.

So our second "first" of the weekend was getting cactus needles stuck in an arm and living to tell about it. I don't recommend trying this one out just to say you've done it...

3) Sunday afternoon, after church, the grocery store, and an early nap for the girls (Who am I kidding? Bryce and I took one, too!), Dale took the girls to see Winnie the Pooh. While Ivie's been to see several movies (that's her and Dale's typical "date day"), this was Macie's first venture into a movie theater (not counting Emerson's birthday party, which doesn't really count, since she Mac able to get up and run around during the movie). The report afterward was that Macie became a bit restless about halfway through, but she, and Daddy, survived (probably thanks to the popcorn and soda). Thankfully, it was a short flick (only 1 hour and 3 minutes), so it was a good one to use as a test run.

So two good and one (really) bad "firsts". Definitely a weekend for the memory books!

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