Monday, September 26, 2011

Rice Cereal

Bryce has been eating solid foods for exactly a month, and I'm just getting around to blogging about it. Thankfully, I DID get some video and pictures of his first foray into rice cereal. As you'll see, he struggled at first with actually keeping it in his mouth. But with the benefit of a month of hindsight, I can tell you that his struggles are no more. He's since tried out several veggies (peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash), as well as a few fruits (bananas, pears, and peaches), and, so far, there aren't any that he's turned down.

Welcome to the world of new taste sensations, Bug.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rolling Over

Bryce rolled over (back-to-belly) for the first time at school on Tuesday, September 6th. His teachers had stories for me that entire week about how he was rolling like crazy, but I didn't see it for myself until the evening of the 13th, just before putting him into the bathtub.

So, yesterday, I thought I would try to catch his roll on video. Knowing that it might take a while, though, I plopped on the floor, settled in for the long haul, and started the Flip and the verbal encouragement.

Bryce had other plans. Take a look for yourself...

If only his sisters followed directions so eagerly.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Minute in the Life (#1): Bryce - Growing Up

I've wanted to start this series for a while and finally got around to downloading a few videos off of my Flip so that I actually could...

It's called "A Minute in the Life", because I think sometimes it's easy to forget the normal, sometimes humdrum way in which we go about daily living. And, as all parents know, sometimes it's the stuff that your kids do every day that you want to be able to remember.

So I've vowed to catch those "typical" activities on video every once in a while. And to post them here. So that the kids can someday laugh at how they used to fill their time.

I'm going to try to limit these videos to a minute long, max, reminding myself that I just want it to be a glimpse of our daily lives. Videos that I can't cut down to a minute will just have to be outside the scope of this series!

So, without further ado, here's the first video that I shot with this series in mind. It was taken in the hospital on April 24th at 9:47 am. Bryce was only a bit over 33 hours old, so cut him some slack for not being very entertaining...

I was going to do a second post with this next video, but then thought it might actually be fun to have them both here together for you to see the changes in our little boy in only 4 months. As you'll see, he's made a lot of progress in his quest to be funny like his daddy...

Seriously. Isn't it just amazing what God does with LIFE?!?

Wordless Wednesday (#70): Zingo!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Facebook: August, 2011

August 1 at 4:33pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
First official day back to work. Massive headache. Definitely not a coincidence.

August 5 at 5:48am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
was 10 minutes into my 5a treadmill run before I realized my headphones were in my ears, but I hadn't started the iPod. #alotonmymind

August 6 at 9:22am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
wonders why her kids always set their sleeping records at Grandma's house in her Pack-n-Play. Bryce went to sleep at 8:00 last night, and didn't wake up until 8:45 this morning!!!

August 6 at 2:17pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Macie has a friend in her class named Cate. Mac calls her "Cake". Everything centers around food with her!

August 6 at 6:54pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
So a random woman just walked by our table at Outback, glanced at B, and exclaimed to her toddler son (whom she was carrying), "that's a BIG boy!!". We know, lady, we know. We prefer to call him "healthy".

August 7 at 3:48pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Preeeeeetty sure this license plate isn't valid...

August 7 at 4:25pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Saw FOUR slug bugs on the 1.8 mile drive home from Old Navy. Iv was "woot woot!"ing like crazy!

August 9 at 7:52am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Concentrating on brushing teeth. Or, more likely, Little Bear on television.

August 9 at 4:05pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Ivie just used the word "snatched", complete with the negative voice inflection, while describing a friend taking a toy from her today. It was funny until she started crying at the memory.

August 10 at 2:18pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Gallo quote of the day: "You know who's behind gambling?!? It ain't Captain Kangaroo!"

August 10 at 7:22pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Seriously, Mommy, it's not as funny as you think it is...

August 12 at 5:15am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Dragging my lazy self to the treadmill this morning. Is it Saturday yet?!?

August 13 at 6:19pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Ted's, Nordstrom Rack, and Sweet Frog for date night. Thanks for watching the kiddos, McCullochs and Devers!!

August 14 at 11:11am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Well, Bryce is 9 days from being 4 months old, and I'm switching out his closet to the 9-month clothes... Keep growing, big boy!

August 14 at 2:02pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
An ill-advised sleeping position that I will have to rectify before falling asleep myself...

August 15 at 8:41am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Macie's moving up to the 3's class today - good luck, Miss Nina!

August 15 at 8:38pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
thinks it's amazing (and mind-numbingly frustrating) how attitudes of kids can change so dramatically from the morning before school (when they're all sweet, smiley, and cooperative) to the evening after school (when they're, well, NOT). UGH. We'll blame it on Monday. I think I'll go to bed now.

August 17 at 12:14pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Another Gallo gambling quote: "Gambling, folks? It's not tied to the Boy Scouts.".

August 20 at 11:20am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Rest in peace, Medela AC Adaptor. You've gotten me through almost 2 1/2 years of pumping. Too bad you couldn't make it just another 8 months...!

August 20 at 2:21pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Dear Bryce, I promise to give you a bath more than once a week from here on out.

August 20 at 7:43pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Thursdays will be uniform day at Ivie's school. Tonight, we were trying on some of the polo shirts I got her to meet the dress code. She looked at herself in the mirror and exclaimed, "I look like Daddy!!". Needless to say, a very proud moment for Dale.

August 21 at 11:16am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Bad hair day = hats for the Herman girls.

August 22 at 2:09pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Gallo on parking: "The buses are free. 33,000 people ride them every day. GET ON THEM."

August 22 at 3:52pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Miss Gail
: "Amy, you need to come get Bryce. He's been screaming for 30 minutes and won't stop. Even a bottle isn't working."

(5 minutes later, phone rings again...)

Miss Gail
: "Have you left yet?"
: "No... Why?!?"
Miss Gail
: "Good. He just had a huge blowout. I mean, it's EVERYWHERE. But now he's smiling."
Me : "He IS his father's son!"

August 23 at 6:16am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
3a two nights ago, 11p last night. Does an 18 lb. 4-month-old really go through a growth spurt?!? Let's hope so, B...

August 23 at 1:23pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Ivie getting her first scalp massage/shampoo/haircut from Miss Li, who's been cutting Dale's hair for 14 years...

August 23 at 1:38pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Who knew her hair was this blonde after a good blow-dryin'?!?

August 24 at 8:06am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
My Big Kindergartner!

August 24 at 11:58am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
At school for kindergarten pick-up. Can't wait to hear how the first day went!!!

August 27 at 5:12pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
A 3-hour nap with a 4-month old who wakes up, turns his head to look at you, and then gives you the biggest possible grin? PRICELESS.

August 27 at 6:36pm

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Can you say "a little behind on the laundry"?

August 30 at 10:17am

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Up at 5:30a. To daycare, then Trinity, then doctor, then daycare (again), and now to work, 5 hours after rolling out of bed. Is it nap time yet?!?