Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bryce's Second Birthday Party

For Bryce's second birthday party, we had a low-key cookout-and-cookie-cake celebration with family and the Devers (who might as well be family).  Since it's not very often that we get Nina, Papa, and Grandma in the same house together, it was definitely a special evening!

Since Ivie and Bryce's birthdays are only 10 days apart, we took advantage and celebrated them both the same evening.  But since I only do birthday books up to age 5, this one highlights Bryce!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Slice of Bryce (#24): 2 Years!!!

Bryce had his 2-year check-up on May 9th.  Here are his stats (because this is the only place I record them, and I will need them someday when he gets a growth chart for his room!):

Height:  35 inches (60th percentile)
Weight:  28 pounds (60th percentile)
Head Circumference:  49.5 centimeters (not sure of the percentile, but I'm sure it's HIGH)

I realized that it's been a while since I've done a child comparison picture post.  So I'll make this one a bit more interesting by including a picture of all 3 kiddos at their 2nd birthday parties...  So fun to look back at old pictures! 




Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mother's Day Book, 2013

Ivie's class wrote books for their mothers for Mother's Day, and Ivie delivered hers to me on Friday as we were driving to Hickory to visit Grandma.  I admit to almost breaking down into tears as Dale read it to me (since I, as usual, was driving).

Now, before you read any further, I feel compelled to make clear that I'm not totally naive about how this process works.  I'm certain Ivie's teachers encouraged her to be positive in her comments and steered the drafting process accordingly.  Which meant she had to avoid mention of the things about me that she doesn't really care for, like when she gets her bottom spanked, or when she is grounded from her bicycle for not listening, or when her "mean" mommy won't let her and Macie camp out on their bedroom floor on a school night (a request that, for the record, I finally gave in to Tuesday night), or when her daddy and I call her "duck face" when she's pouting. 

But regardless of how much thought-editing was necessary to make the book appropriate for gifting, I will choose to believe that these things really ARE what come to Ivie's mind when she thinks about her mommy.  And someday when you're reading this, Ivie, I want you to know and always remember that even though life isn't always a box of chocolates around here, it's the goofy and crazy fun times that I remember the most.  I thank God every day for the honor of being your mother.

Now.  Enough of the sappiness.  Let's go make some macaroni and follow it up with some strawberry shortcake.  My specialties.  (Apparently.)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

School Pictures: Spring, 2013

Spring pictures for Macie and Bryce arrived yesterday.  I must say that this might be the cutest round of pictures we've gotten yet (though maybe I say that every time?!?).  But since daycare/school pictures are the only professional photos our family has every had taken, we rely on them to be really good!

You will note that there are two individual shots of Bryce.  That's because we JUST COULDN'T CHOOSE between the two.  I mean, how can you not go with the one showing his sweet little pair of navy Toms?  Conversely, can one ever turn down proof that a toddler actually sat still with his hand on his chin long enough to have a photo snapped?  I.  Think.  Not.

Without further ado, here are my two "babies".


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ivie's Grandparents' Day

Friday, May 3rd, was Ivie's Grandparents' Day at school.  While her grandparents weren't able to be here for the celebration, Macie and I were able to attend (thanks, Brooke, for hanging out with the recovering-from-mono B-Man), wielding both the camera and the Flip Video (which I am afraid is going to have to be retired and replaced by the video camera on my iPhone, as the Flip is growing old and finicky).

Below are some of the pictures Mac, Iv, and I snapped of the day, along with a video of the dance that Ivie and her small group performed for the crowd.  I wish I could also include the video of the poem that the 1st Grade recited just before the dance;  however, as I discovered upon my arrival home, the Flip failed to record the audio during that segment.  So all I have is the visual of the kids acting out the motions.  Not much good without the adorable words that went with it, I'm afraid.  (Too bad I didn't make the official switch to the iPhone video in time for this event...)

We hope you enjoy the pictures and video from afar, Nina, Papa, and Grandma!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ivie's 7th Birthday Celebration at School

On Friday, April 12th, Dale and I visited Ivie's school to help her class celebrate her birthday.  As is custom in her 1st Grade class, we were charged with reading Ivie's favorite book to the class, and then participating as a candle in her "birthday cake".  Dale drew the "participate" straw, as I manned the camera...

Ivie chose the book Arnie the Doughnut, a hilarious tale about a doughnut that doesn't realize that his purpose on earth is to be eaten.  Super cute.  And, as you can see in the video clip below, Dale did a great job reading it to Ivie's classmates.  I don't think she was TOO embarrassed, though her facial expression in a couple of the pictures below seems to indicate otherwise...

After the book was finished, Ivie's class formed a human birthday cake, and Ivie chose her 7 candles, one of which was her Daddy, of course.  I won't ruin the highlight of the video by providing any commentary in advance.  Just take a look for yourself, and keep your eyes and ears on Dale, the candle, and his "sizzling"...

It was a wonderful at-school celebration of Ivie's big day.  More to follow on the birthday celebration we held that night at home.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Facebook: April, 2013

April 3 at 7:32p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
The role of Mommy being played tonight by Macie...

April 5 at 4:47p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Let popsicle season begin!!  

April 6 at 2:44p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
A scooter/bike ride to visit, and draw sketches of, the turtles in the pond. Can you see them on the log?!? We have spotted at least 27 of them...  

April 7 at 8:39a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Some Sunday morning Dot Art  

April 8 at 9:00p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Me (after catching Macie out of her room after lights-out at bedtime): "What, Macie?" Macie: "Ummmmm... (Long pause while she tries to think of something important) I know what 5 plus 5 is." Me: "What is it, Mac?" Macie: "10." Me: "Good. Now go back to bed." Macie: "Okay. I just wanted you to know."

April 9 at 8:29a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
This morning, as I was dressing Bryce for picture day at school, he pointed at his argyle sweater vest and said, "Daddy!!". #he'sright #miniDale  

April 9 at 8:48a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
While watching "Eloise Goes to School" on our way to school this morning, Macie explained, "Mommy. The little girl calls her teacher a 'tutor', because he TOOTS a lot!" (giggle, giggle) 

April 11 at 9:46a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
First 5 consecutive-mile run in over 7 years (i.e., post-babies)!

April 11 at 10:16a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
After Macie finally acquiesced and gave Bryce a bite of her waffle this morning, I, encouraging the development of good manners, asked: "What do you SAY, Bryce?". Bryce, pausing briefly to consider his options, responded with: "MORE!!!" 

April 16 at 9:02a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
#thingsIdon'tseeathome #puntacana  

April 18 at 4:09p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Front row seats for the dumping of the mulch next door.  

April 18 at 8:18p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
No sense even trying to keep him from climbing...  

April 18 at 9:37p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
We have 2 two-wheeled girls in our house now - check them out! (Just don't listen too closely to me trying to catch my breath as I do the narration. Because that would be embarrassing.)

April 19 at 7:57a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Representing Daddy's two favorite teams today!  

April 22 at 9:48p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
After a 12-year hiatus, I have rediscovered my love of reading. (Alternatively titled, "Finally something I can do for 4 hours while Dale golfs.") Personally working my way through James Patterson, and reading to (and laughing with!) the girls about Ramona's antics...  

April 23 at 9:39a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
For his birthday breakfast this morning, Bryce chose Goldfish, Nilla Wafers, and a Go-Go Applesauce Squeezie (okay, the applesauce was actually Mommy's addition to the lineup). Happy 2nd Birthday, Bryce!!

April 24 at 5:37p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Our first spring meal outside on our now-pollen-free table! #springcleaning  

April 25 at 5:56p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Something about this sight makes me suddenly very tired...  

April 26 at 6:48p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
It's hard to take this job seriously when I'm forced to push a pink mower.  

April 27 at 7:28p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
I am 36 1/2 years old, and I just mowed the yard for the first time in my life. Cross that one off the "I should do that someday" list. 

April 29 at 1:55p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
I wish it didn't take a bacterial infection to get my "baby" to nap on my shoulder.